Film Accounting and Budgeting
Video - About the Workshops
John Gaskin held workshops in May/09 on Film Accounting and Film Budget management for professionals in the Michigan area. The Michigan refundable tax credit legislation is drawing film production to the State like never before. These are some of the interviews held after the second May workshop.

This describes something of why I like doing workshops, especially in an innovative way with tons of practical hands-on examples.

Train to be an Assistant Film Production Accountant

This describes how the on-line film payroll course works. It's a demonstration of the Screen Actors Guild Day Performer ( what SAG calls a Schedule A performer). The video shows the way to navigate, to download reference materials (pertinent sections of the agreement as well as every form needed to process the payroll).

The purpose of this video is to give the student tips on the Navigation, Links, Videos, Exams and Certificates within any of my on-line self-study courses.

This is a hands-on workshop utilizing the commonly used proprietary general ledger software not known anywhere else. Learn more at

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